What is a Stump Home?

A stump home is a home that is built on adjustable piers elevated approximately 1 meter above the ground. The stumps are made from galvanised steel, so they will withstand most environment conditions, as well as adding the benefit of being adjustable.

What Maintenance do the Stumps Require?

Structurally almost no maintenance is required. A visual inspection every 6 month or so as part as a general home maintenance schedule is recommended.

What are the Benefits of Building a Stump Home?

Building on Slopes:

Finding that perfect block of land high in the hills doesn’t mean that you can’t build your dream home. One of the major benefits of building on a stump home is their ability to be adapted to land that is on a slope, or steep gradients. As the homes are built on individual stumps, they can easily be constructed to different lengths enabling a level and stable home to be built on the inclines. Building on Stumps can also alleviate the cutting and filling or retaining walls generally associated when building homes on a slab foundation on sloping land. When choosing your land, it is best to keep in mind that flatter land is generally more cost effective on both stump and slab homes.

Building on reactive soils:

Some soils, particularly our famous Black soil, have a tendency to expand and shift dramatically during extreme wet and dry weather. These kinds of shifts can have devastating and expensive effects on solid slab foundations that aren’t correctly designed. The piers on a stump home can easily be adjusted to compensate for any movement in the soil, which removes the damaging effect on your home.

Why Should I Build a Stump Home Instead of a Brick?

Stump homes have a character of their own. Avoid disappearing into the crowded subdivisions, by giving your home a unique look, while staying within your budget. Modern Weatherboard cladding materials last a lifetime, meaning that you can keep up with the latest trends and update the look of your home at any time simply with a fresh coat of paint.

You can view our weatherboard plans here.

Do Stump Homes Have the Same Structural Integrity as Brick Homes?

Our stump homes are made with the same framing, trusses and interiors as our brick home. The foundations are the main area where the integrity can vary, although the external cladding also plays a part. The Weatherboard cladding on a stump home adds to the Bracing Rating of a home. Bricks are a veneer, meaning they are only a covering of brick applied to the timber frame.

Determining Integrity

Overall, the integrity of your home is determined by the foundation design for the location, the land and the soil type of where your home is going to be built and it is always best to consult one of our representatives for expert advice.

Are Stump Homes More Expensive to Build?

There is a common misconception that Stump homes are more expensive to build. In fact, the more reactive the soil on your block, the cheaper it is to build a stump home. This is also true for blocks with excessive fall.

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Can I Build a Stump Home in Town?

Purchased a block in a prime location in town but don’t want to be lost in the crowd of brick? There are no laws currently in place to prevent you from building a Stump home in town.

The only time that Stump homes can’t be built is when there are certain covenants placed on subdivisions, but this is very uncommon.

Can I Put Gardens Around My Stump Home?

Although they look great, gardens should never be put against any house, regardless of what the foundations are built from. Placing a garden within three meters of your foundation will void any QBCC insurance, as it can cause damage from water pooling and poor drainage.

Can I Change the Façade on my Stump Home?

That image of your dream home you have in your head is definitely possible. You can add any type of façade to your Stump home. Whether that be the classic, yet timeless Queenslander, or a modern, stunning multi-material façade, stump homes allow for it all. You can adapt these to any floor plan, whether it’s one of our existing or your own custom plan.

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